Salesmachine: Realtime Customer Scoring Platform

Follow the health of your customers in realtime

Realtime customer scoring platform for customer success and sales teams

Follow customers activity and health in realtime

No more data entry, Salesmachine automatically collects customer profiles with key information, product usage and emails activity.

Identify the status of each customer in your user lifecycle

No more searching for who to contact, focus on the right customers and track their developments overtime.

Your team always knows what to do at the exact right time

Salesmachine generates tasks, emails and notifications automatically based on customers behavior and status. It's your very own sales assistant.

Drive customers to success with targeted campaigns

Run success campaigns to deliver targeted messages to contacts based on specific behavior and actions.

Integrate with all the services you already use

Synchronize support tickets, survey answers, marketing campaigns, payment and more from 40+ services via Zapier and native integrations. Push notifications and data into your team chat and CRM.