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Salesmachine helps you proactively maximize customer value

How it works

1Monitor customer health

2Get alerted of risks and opportunities

3Deploy proactive strategies

4Measure performances

Step 1: Monitor customer health
Health scoring

Identify the health of your customers based on your own criteria in every lifecycle stages.

Lifecycle Management

Follow the development of your customers across each stage of the customer journey.

Revenue health

Understand how much revenue is at risk in your portfolio based on your own criteria.

Step 2: Get alerted of risks and opportunities
Health Alerts

Receive alerts when customers health declined or progressed across the customer journey.

Segment Alerts

Receive alerts when customers match a specific behavior: credit card expired, product usage dropping, upsell candidates, etc.

Step 3: Deploy proactive strategies
360° profile

Access customer data and interactions from multiple sources in one place.


Salesmachine generates automagically to-dos and emails based on customer health or behavior.

Step 4: Measure performances
Health Report

Demonstrate the impact of your customer success strategies on the health revenue.

Team Report

Evaluate the performance of the portoflio of each team member overtime.

Optimize each step of the customer journey


Define onboarding playbooks to make sure customers get the value of your product


Identify and target trial users who are likely to buy


Proactively react when product adoption dropped before it’s too late


Set nuturing programs to deliver consitent engagement in maturity phase


Build personalized renewal programs to prevent churn


Identify upsell opportunities to maximize customer value

Consolidate product usage, emails, support, nps and payment data in one customer profile

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Salesmachine offers all you need to onboard, retain and grow your customers

Health monitoring

Follow customer health across the costumer journey

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360° Profile

Consolidate live customer data from multiple source into a beautiful profile

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Alerts Center

Get instantly alerted when customer health or usage frequency changes

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Identify important customer behavior in your customer base

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Deploy strategies to onboard, retain and grow your customers

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Measure the performance of your strategies and your team overtime

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