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All the features you need to grow your customers

Salesmachine is the post-signup platform to better understand your
customers and orchestrate interactions based on their behavior.

Health scoring



360° view


Which customers needs attention today?

Instantly identify the best leads to convert and customers at risk based on usage data.

Step 1: Monitor customer health

How can we increase conversion and retention with an account based approach?

Adapt actions and tasks for each contact within an account based on their roles or behavior.

Step 4: Measure performances

Do you know the impact of your actions on your business?

Better understand your customers and measure the performance of your strategies.

Step 3: Deploy proactive strategies

Are you missing data and context to proactively reach out to your customers?

Know everything with an holistic view of your customers.

Step 2: Get alerted of risks and opportunities

Switching between multiple tools to get things done?

Work around your customers in one single workspace.

Step 4: Measure performances

All teams benefits from Salesmachine

Salesmachine is the only customer success platform that aligns all your teams around your customers

Sales & Account managers

Uncover the best leads who are using your product to beat your numbers.

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Product & Growth

Accelerate Onboarding and Adoption with Account-based engagement.

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Customer Success

Coordinate proactive actions at every stage of the customer lifecycle to deliver success.

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